Erin Montgomery, PA-C

Erin Montgomery, PA-C

Primary Healthcare, Family Medicine

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Erin Montgomery, PA-C

Physician Associate

Erin knew exactly what she wanted to be as a grown-up, a dinosaur. As it turns out, being a brontosaurus is more something you are born into, around 145 million years ago. Sorry Littlefoot! Fortunately for us, a storied career as a physician assistant was her fallback. Her years of internal medicine experience make this former Idaho Timbersports podium finisher a winner when it comes to chopping down whatever is standing in the path to a healthier you. When Erin’s not chasing down hot air balloons or celebrating her passion for musical genres we’ve never heard of, she is helping Boise Family Medicine reach new heights in patient care, just like her kindred Jurassic friends.


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