Boise Family Medicine’s telemedicine visits offer a convenient way to connect with your primary care provider online through a smart phone or computer.  For our patients that may not be able to come into our office, we can deliver care for you and your family through our secure telemedicine website.  Telemedicine visits are another way we’re working hard to elevate our level of care beyond the walls of our practice.




We’ve made it as simple as possible to visit with your Boise Family medicine provider online.  Any computer, smartphone, or connected device with a camera and microphone can connect you with your provider through a web-browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Safari). No downloads or accounts to setup. When it’s time to login for your telemedicine visit, we’ll send you a text message or email with secure link to login.        


Private health information isn’t just priority, it’s requirement.  Our telemedicine visits adhere to HIPAA data privacy requirements.  Know that your data is secure, all data during your online session is encrypted and anonymous. None of information shared during the visit with your provider is stored by our telemedicine website. Can’t make it into the office, schedule your telemedicine visit today.



Make an appointment and we’ll contact you.