Your time is valuable and that’s why we’ve extended our capacity to care for you by including convenient, on-site diagnostic laboratory services and point of care testing. We want to help you get the answers you need quickly and without having to go anywhere else. That’s right, we care for you that much!


We’ve planned ahead so you don’t have to. That means if a lab or point of care testing is needed during a routine or urgent care visit, you don’t have to make an additional appointment (that would be a bit weird, right?), we simply coordinate with our team to quickly and conveniently get it done. And if you aren’t already on-site and need to schedule an appointment for a lab or x-ray, we can do that too.


Boise Family Medicine’s lab and point of care testing services cover a wide range of diagnostic needs. From rapid flu, strep and mono tests, to blood, urinalysis, pregnancy, confidential STD testing and more, we can support your care needs. Our experienced team and partnerships allows us to quickly and conveniently schedule your x-ray imaging for those occasions when we need to learn a little more by visually seeing what’s going on inside. And if we need to forward your results to a specialist or another provider we can do that too (with your knowledge and consent).


Make an appointment and we’ll contact you.