Boise Family Medicine is an independent provider with the freedom to deliver the best and most complete care for you and your family. This means no restrictions on doing what’s right. This means relationship-driven, get-to-know-you care. This means you are more than your illness; you are an extension of our family. Learn more about us.


Our family medicine care model provides comprehensive primary care through the use of biological, clinical, and behavioral science. Services include pediatrics, OB/GYN care, and span all ages, sexes, organ systems, diseases and medical conditions. Schedule your visit now.


We treat a wide variety of medical conditions, injuries, and illnesses, provide health screenings and comprehensive physical exams, along with wellness and preventative primary care. As we get to know you and your specific health needs, we want to be your partner every step of the way to help monitor and manage any short- or long-term health needs that develop, like high cholesterol or diabetes. And if you should have a medical condition requiring a specialist follow up, we will help coordinate care for you.



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