Kirk Campana, MD

Kirk Campana, MD

Primary Healthcare, Urgent Care

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    8:00 AM - 5:00 PM | Friday

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Kirk Campana, MD

Supervising Physician

Ever wonder what you’d get if you combined equal parts medicine and art? Well you’d probably get someone that can draw or paint your likeness equally as well as they can diagnose and treat what ails you; or in this case, Kirk Campana, MD. While some may call him a real renaissance man, he’s more likely to answer to Dr. C. And color us lucky to have him as our supervising physician. Dr. Campana brings years of training and knowledge in Urgent Care to the Boise Family Medicine provider team.  When he’s not in clinic performing medical works of art, you’ll find him in the studio painting and sculpting modern masterpieces or flying down mountain bike trails at warp speed.


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