Annual Physical Exams

June 16, 2017 - by boisefamilymed - in Health & Wellness

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Who should get a physical exam?

Physical exams or wellness visits serve a fundamental role in preventative medicine for everyone; regardless of age, sex, or current health status. In healthy individuals, or those not exhibiting symptoms, the annual exam or physical is a great time to screen for serious illnesses or diseases. Those living with a chronic health conditions should use the wellness exam to monitor progress of their current treatment plan. As a healthy adult, you should do a preventative visit/physical exam once a year. However, in addition to the annual exam, if you are currently managing a persistent disease, you should continue to see your healthcare provider at their regularly suggested intervals. The real advantage to having an annual physical is early treatment or preventative measures can be taken to address any issues discovered during these exams.

What does a physical exam entail?

When you schedule your comprehensive physical exam, it will entail complete health history (e.g., medical, surgical, and family). Your family practice provider will collect a complete set of your vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate, height, weight) and provide a physical examination relevant to your age, gender, and any specific risk factors you may have. During your visit, you should be prepared to review any medications you’re currently using and ways to reduce your risk for illness or injury. If needed, your provider may also suggest additional screenings depending on your age and medical history.

A physical exam keeps you build a valuable relationship with your provider

Connecting with your primary care provider at least once a year will give he or she a chance to keep up to date on your family and personal health and allow them to address any changes as needed. Keeping your information can current provides valuable guidance for your provider when doing your physical exam and helps them to spot any emerging risk factors. Getting to know your provider through these regularly scheduled visits will help you to gain trust and value in the care they provide.

Would you believe it if I told you most providers choose family medicine because of the high value they place on the relationships with their patients? 

If your answered no, my next question is, have you met one of the providers at Boise Family Medicine?

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